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Since IlluminAsia posts have resumed after a hiatus, as a reader I would like to voluntarily remind everyone about Chris's recently published book The Light of Asia. It is available in a variety of formats. I bought the audio version and enjoyed it. On audible.com, The Light of Asia currently has two ratings at the time I submit this comment. I was the second person to rate it. Whether you buy The Light of Asia in audio or another format, I am confident that Chris would appreciate both sales and a positive rating.


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Thank you for your support, Blake! Much appreciated.

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Hi, I am from Australia. I really like your website. I have done a browse on some of your essays.

Please find an introduction to a unique Philosopher & Artist whose first book was published in 1972.

Please check out these references


http://beezone.com/2main_shelf/forward.html Alan Watts foreword to the 1972 book

http://www.kneeoflistening.com/forward Jeffrey Kripal's foreword to the 2004 edition of the above book

The authors very real Living Connection to both Hinduism & Buddhism




Critical essays on Christianity


http://www.dabase.org/up-1-2.htm A Prophetic Criticism of the "Great" Religions

http://www.dabase.org/up-6.htm The Spiritual Gospel of Saint Jesus of Galilee Retold

On the Miracle of "Matter" and Conscious Light



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Thanks for these - Ken Wilber's such an interesting thinker.

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None of the references I posted were written by or even inspired by anything that Ken Wilber wrote.

Please find two more references in which Adi Da describes the unique significance of his appearance here

http://www.adidaupclose.org/Literature_Theater/skalsky.html an introduction to The Orpheum Trilogy which includes The Mummery Book, The Scapegoat Book and the more-than-wonderful Happenine Book

The Ashvemedha Horse Sacrifice


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I had in mind the Integral World links. Thanks for these new ones.

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